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Remembering our dead and reflecting on our deaths (Programme Excerpt) - 4 Nov 2018 - SS102fm
November 03, 2018 Come & See Inspirations team

In the Roman Catholic tradition November is the month of the Holy Soul's where we pray for those who have left this mortal world but may not enjoy full the vision of God. November can be a hard month for many people as we recall the memory of our beloved dead - for the dead can drive you hard. But with the darkening of days and the drawing in of nights it seems to be an appropriate time to reflect and pray for our dead as the year and seasons move towards the death of winter. It is the time of year when we can reflect on our encounters with Sister Death and ultimately an encounter which we will all have.

This weeks programme we reflect on grief for those who have had an encounter with death and also a small reminder for us all to reflect that death comes to us all - one day.

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