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"Catching the right bus" - WMoF2018
October 06, 2018 Come & See Inspirations team

At WMoF2018, Bosco and Dr Lynette McShane were panelists at the discussion on the Dignity and Beauty of Sexual Love: Finding New Language for Ancient Truths.  On this weeks programme we have their rather catchy presentation called "Catching the right bus". 

<p>They are retreat co-ordinators and founders of the Siolta Catholic retreat team. They have 6 young children. Over the past 15 years, they have delivered Catholic retreat programmes in schools and parishes with the aim of leading young people to God through the Sacraments. Bosco and Lynette met through missionary work in Calcutta, founding the charity “Another Pair of Hands”. Following the completion of her PhD in Philosophy, Lynette held the post of Senior Research Officer and then Head of Research at the Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health for 6 years, researching suicide in N.I and reviewing the needs of those in services.  A former ladies Gaelic football All-Star for Tyrone, Lynette continues to write in the field of sport and mental health, delivering lectures and workshops across Universities, schools and clubs. Bosco also works professionally as a DJ.<p>

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