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Fr Eamonn Conway reflects on how Lough Derg is a necessary sanctuary on our modern world
June 30, 2018 Come & See Inspirations team
No telephones to distract or wireless programmes to assail the nerves. There is a complete absence of the fuss, clatter and compulsory absorption in petty trifles that make up the confusion of everyday life. All that bustle so frequently mistaken for achievement, all that hugger-mugger, is left behind on the mainland and the pilgrim steps into a new air”

So wrote Alice Curtayne in praise of @lough_derg in 1944 when she attended the three day retreat on Ireland's Holy Isle and she could just as easily be writing about the experience of pilgrims of 2018 and their encounter with St Patrick's Sanctuary.

Fr Eamonn Conway joins the SS102fm team from Lough Derg and takes us through the tradition and the relevance of such a place for those of faith and none.

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