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Fr Pat Seaver on why we go to Mass.
June 03, 2018 Come & See Inspirations team
Fr Pat Seaver joins the SS102fm team to reflect on Why we go to Mass? and the publication of his graphic book for children explaining what Mass is about which is a timely interview given the feast which we celebrate today.

In this weeks Irish Catholic newspaper Peter Costello reviews Fr Pat's book noting he has written a book many parents will want to have. In the simplest but clearest terms he can mange he explains to a young readership what the mass and the Eucharist are about.

Observation suggests that some may have been schooled in the right movement and actions, such as going up to receive, but their minds are not engaged with the Mass as a kind of feast, a source of nourishment. Their parents hush them, but are so intent on their own devotions that they neglect their children. Whether this is a sort of mild “child abuse” is something to think about.

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