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Preparing to celebrate the season of Lent - Reflection by Fr Luke McNamara OSB - 11th February 2018 - SacredSpace102fm
February 11, 2018 Come & See Inspirations team
Fr Luke McNamara OSB joins us on this weeks programme to discuss with us about preparing to celebrate the "joyous season" of Lent reflecting on what the different elements of Lent mean of us and the opportunity they present to reconnect with God and ourselves in the season of metonia. Reflecting on the opportunity to rebuild our relationships with God, others and ourselves, Fr Luke takes us through the chances presented to us as we prepare for Easter. As part of that preparation, making time and finding the opportunity to participate in Lent can be difficult. Fr Luke also shares with us an opportunity being presented by Glenstal Abbey to take time during Lent to reflect on our journey of faith towards Calvary and beyond and reflecting on the relationship God has maintained with his Chosen People throughout history in a series over the Sundays of Lent reflecting on the readings of the Easter Vigil.
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